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繼承中古英語 FrencheFrenschFrenscFrensheFrenkFranche,來自古英語 Frenċisċ (法語),來自原始西日耳曼語 *Frankisk (法蘭克),等同於Frank +‎ -ish (對照Frankish)。與西佛蘭德語 Fransch (法語)荷蘭語 Frans (法語)中古低地德語 vrankschfrenkischvrenkeschvrenksch (法語)中古高地德語 frenkischfrensch “法蘭克的,法蘭西的”;> 德語 fränkisch (法蘭克尼亞)丹麥語 fransk (法語)瑞典語 franskfransysk (法語)冰島語 franska (法語)同源。

用作粗俗語言的義項,其通常指早期19世紀上層階級實際使用的法語表達 (但通常輕微無禮),後來被下層階級用作罵人的話,因為他們認為聽者不會熟悉這些用語。

用來指苦艾酒的義項,是French vermouth的簡稱。


  • (英國美國) 英語發音frĕnch國際音標(幫助)/fɹɛnt͡ʃ/, /fɹɛnʃ/
  • 文檔
  • 韻部:-ɛntʃ


French (可數 不可數,複數 Frenches)

  1. (主要用於不可數) 法語
    She speaks French.
    • c. 1390, Robert Grosseteste, translating Chateau d'Amour as The Castle of Love, ll. 25 ff.:
      Ne mowe we alle Latin wite...
      Ne French...
    • 1533, Thomas More, The Debellacyon of Salem & Bizance, fol. 96:
      I... wolde also be bolde in such french as is peculiare to the lawys of this realme, to leue it wyth them in wrytynge to.
    • 1720, Daniel Defoe, Memoirs of a Cavalier,頁號 13:
      I could speak but little French.
    • 1991, Michael Clyne, Pluricentric Languages: Differing Norms in Different Nations, Walter de Gruyter, →ISBN,頁號 169:
      Thus, complementary to the French of France, the Quebecois (and in a lesser degree the Frenches of Africa, Swiss French, etc.) would constitute languages in their own right.
    • 1997, Albert Valdman, French and Creole in Louisiana,頁號 29:
      Almost three quarters of the population 65 and older reported speaking French.
    • 2004, Jack Flam, Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry and Friendship,頁號 18:
      Although he would spend the rest of his life in France, Picasso never mastered the language, and during those early years he was especially self-conscious about how bad his French was.
    • 2013, Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Language and Culture in Medieval Britain: The French of England, C.1100-c.1500, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, →ISBN,頁號 361:
      The Frenches of England remain as working languages in the different registers of various occupational communities and for particular social rituals. Beyond the fifteenth century, French is a much less substantial presence in England, though []
  2. (不可數) 法語交流能力
    My French is a little rusty.
    • 1742 April 4, R. West, letter to Thomas Gray:
      [Racine's] language is the language of the times, and that of the purest sort; so that his French is reckoned a standard.
  3. (不可數) 作為學科的法國語言文學
    I'm taking French next semester.
  4. (不可數委婉現常ironic) 粗俗語言
    Pardon my French.
    • 1845, Edward Jerningham Wakefield, Adventure in New Zealand, 卷 I,頁號 327:
      The enraged headsman spares no 'bad French' in explaining his motives.
    • 1986, John Hughes, Ferris Bueller's Day Off':
      Cameron: Pardon my French, but you're an asshole!
    • 2005 5月 29, New York Times Book Review,頁號 12:
      The book... is a welcome change from theory-infected academic discourse, pardon my French.
  5. (可數) 姓氏
    Dawn French.




French (可數 不可數,複數 French Frenches)

  1. (主要用於集合名詞和以複數形式) 法國人
    The Hundred Years' War was fought between the English and the French.
    Under the Fourth Republic, more and more French unionized.
    • 1579, Francesco Guicciardini as, 譯者 Geoffrey Fenton, The Historie of Guicciardin,頁號 378:
      [] to breake the necke of the wicked purposes & plots of the French []
    • 1653, François Rabelais, 譯者 Thomas Urquhart, Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais, 卷 I,頁號 214:
      Such is the nature and complexion of the frenches, that they are worth nothing, but at the first push.
    • 2002, Jeremy Thornton, The French and Indian War,頁號 14:
      On the way, scouts reported that some French were heading toward them across the ice.
  2. (不可數過時俚語) oral sex (口交)之同義詞(尤指嗦吮陰莖)
    • 1916, Henry Nathaniel Cary, The Slang of Venery and Its Analogues[1], 卷 I,頁號 94:
      French--[sic] to do the French--Cocksucking; and, inversely, to tongue a woman.
    • 1968, Bill Turner, Sex Trap,頁號 64:
      You can be whipped or caned... or you can have French for another pound.
    • 1986 5月 6, Semper Floreat,頁號 34:
      Always use condoms with Greek (anal intercourse), straight sex (vaginal intercourse, fucking), French (oral sex).
    • 1996 10月 13, Observer,頁號 25:
      French’—still used by prostitutes as a term for oral sex.
  3. (主要用於不可數過時俚語) French vermouth的缩略形式
    • 1930, Ethel Mannin, Confessions & Impressions,頁號 177:
      Tearle replied that gin-and-French and virginian cigarettes would do for him.
    • 1967, Michael Francis Gilbert, The Dust & the Heat,頁號 14:
      He was drinking double gins with single Frenches in them.






French (比較級 more French最高級 most French)

  1. 法國
    the French border with Italy
    • 2015 5月 3, “Standardized Testing”, 出自 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 季数 2, 集数 12, John Oliver(演員), 經由 HBO:
      That must have hurt, especially because you knew the French children weren’t even trying. “Uh, go on, play weez your seellee nambeurs. Zey tell you nosseeng of ze true naytcheur of ze soula. I’ll weepa for you.”
  2. 與法國人民文化有關的
    French customs
  3. 法語的
    French verbs
  4. (俚語性慾)口交有關的
    同類詞: straight
    French active被口交的
    French girl提供口交的妓女
  5. (非正式委婉) 用於構成性病的名稱或指代
    French disease
    French crown性病造成的脫髮
    French pox梅毒 (字面意思是「法國痘,法國疹」)





French (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 Frenches,現在分詞 Frenching,一般過去時及過去分詞 Frenched)

  1. french的大小寫替代形式
    • 1995, Jack Womack, Random Acts of Senseless Violence,頁號 87:
      Even before I thought about what I was doing we Frenched and kissed with tongues.