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  • [婉]f-ck;f**k;the F word;f***;****


词源不明,很可能为日耳曼语源。最早见于公元772年的一份章程正文,其中提到一处名为 Fuccerham 的地点,据推测可能是“肏者之家”(ham)或“肏者之牧场”(hamm)的意思。

该词最早出现在书面英语是在中世纪(1495-1505)一份名为 Flen flyys and freris 的诗歌中,其中有仿拉丁语的 fvccant 一词。最早见于词典是在1598年。[1]

16世纪时,以 fuckfuk 的形式出现在低地苏格兰语中,[2]最早的例证是苏格兰诗人威廉·邓巴(William Dunbar)在1503年所写的诗歌 “Brash of Wowing”,[3]其中包含如下诗词:

Yit be his feirris he wald haif fukkit: / Ye brek my hairt, my bony ane.

对比挪威语(方言) fukka(肏)、瑞典语 fokka(最早为“肏/冲”,现为 focka“解雇”)、中古荷兰语(和现代荷兰语) fokken(交配繁殖)。可能追溯到原始印欧语 *peuk-(击)(拉丁语 pugnus(拳) 源于此词根),但不能确定。


  • (正统英式(RP)美國) IPA(幫助)/fʌk/, [fʌkʰ]
  • (北英格蘭) IPA(幫助)/fʊk/
  • 文檔
  • 文檔
  • 文檔
  • 韻部:-ʌk, -ʊk


to fuck(第三人称单数简单现在时 fucks,现在分词 fucking,简单过去时和过去分词 fucked)[及物/不及物]

  1. [俗、淫]性交
    • 2007, Lionel Shriver, The post-birthday world
      She wanted to fuck him more than she had ever wanted to fuck any man in her life. 她想肏那个男的,比她生命里曾经的想肏任何的男人都还想。
  1. [俗、淫]将阴茎、假阴茎或类似形状物体,插入孔或缝隙(如肛门、乳沟)中
    • 2006, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Glamour Girls: Femme/Femme Erotica
      She shoved them up and together, pushing into me, forcing my foot to fuck her tits harder and harder while gasping as if I was shoving it deep into her body... 她把它们推到一起,推紧到我的身体,迫使我用脚肏她的奶子。她越动越强烈,还边喘气,仿佛我在猛推那东西深深地进入她的身体……
  2. [俗]使陷入困难或不可能的境地
    If you do that, I’m fucked. 如果你那么做的话,我就完蛋了。
    I'm afraid they're gonna fuck you on this one. 估计这次他们要让你陷入困境。
  3. [俗](多接 up)损坏、破坏
    You’re going to fuck up that TV! 你要把电视弄坏是吧!
    I fucked up my truck. 我把卡车弄坏了。
    • 2001, Colson Whitehead, John Henry Days
      Goodman says he wants him to come in tomorrow and Moses is so afraid he's fucked up his chance again that he says yeah... 古德曼说他想明天来;摩西害怕把机会再搞砸掉,于是说了同意。
  4. [俗]骗取、诈取
    I got fucked at the used car lot. 我拍旧车的时候,出价出高了。
  5. [俗]玩、玩弄、修补
    Stop fucking with the remote control. 不要玩遥控器。
    • 2006, Kilian Betlach, This Feels Like A Riot Looks
      They couldn't hear a single note Ted was playing and the sound guy kept yelling at them to stop fucking with the levels so he could make adjustments. 泰德弹的音他们一个都听不到;管音响的人朝他们喊,让他们不要再乱弄音量,以使他做些调整。
  6. [俗、多贬](表示对某人或某事/某物的不满)
    (something) Fuck this shit! 烂东西!
    (someone) Fuck her! 该死的人!
  7. [俗、多冒犯]不再视为重要、不再关心、忘掉
    Well, fuck you, man. 你个该死的。



fuck(复数 fucks

  1. [俗]性行为
    • 1975, Alexander Buzo, Tom
      No, but I've got a film of a couple of crocodiles having a fuck. 不,不过我有鳄鱼交尾的片子。
  2. [俗]性伴侣
    • 2005, Etgar Keret, The Nimrod flip-out
      If he's a lousy fuck, I can at least say I had a lousy fuck, and if he's a great fuck, well that's even better... 如果他不是个出色的性伴侣,我至少可以说我有过一个不好的性伴侣——当然如果他是个好极了的性伴侣,那当然更好……
  3. [俗]令人憎恶的人
    • 2002, Robert Williams, The Remembrance
      She used to be a secretary but then she realized that she could run a business a hell of a lot better than those stupid fucks could. 她曾经是秘书,但后来她意识到,在经营生意方面,她完全可以比那些笨蛋干得更好。
  4. [俗]射精
    • 1785, Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom
      ...first having been relieved of some fuck... 




  1. [俗]表示失望或不满。
    Oh, fuck! We left the back door unlocked. 妈的!我们忘记锁后门了!
    Fuck! Why do you have to be so difficult all the time? 肏!你怎么总是这么难伺候?
  2. 〉〈〉 表示生气
    Fuck! Why do you destroy my car? 操你妈,刮了我的车干嘛?






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