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  1. (英國軍事) Royal Observer Corps(存在於1925 - 1992年的英國國防組織)
  2. Republic of China (中華民國)之首字母縮略詞
    同類詞: PRC
    • 1983 3月 13, “ROC progress praised by McGovern”, 出自 Free China Weekly[1], 卷 XXIV, 期 10, Taipei頁號 3:
      Former U.S. Senator George McGovern said that during his one-week visit to the ROC he met many friendly, optimistic and energetic people, and called the Republic of China an "energetic" country.
      He said he hopes his visit will help to promote understanding between the ROC and liberals in the United States.
  3. (加拿大政治) "Rest of Canada",指加拿大魁北克省以外的地方。
    • 2002, L. Yves Fortier, "A Mature Exercise of Sovereignty," Osgoode Hall Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 3-4, p. 426:
      [T]he old and tired purveyors of separatism in Québec continue to harp on what they contend Québec is not—essentially, “not the ROC”—in order to peddle their snake oil.
    • 2014 March 7, Jeffrey Simpson, "The rest of Canada will have choices to make," Globe and Mail (Canada) (retrieved 7 April 2014):
      If Quebeckers believe that voting PQ means putting a knife to Canada’s throat, they should think again. The ROC is fed up with these threats.
  4. Republic of (the) Congo (剛果共和國)之縮寫
    同類詞: DRC
  5. (運動) Russia(n) Olympic Committee (俄羅斯奧委會)之縮寫
    同類詞: IOCNOCOC
    1. 當俄羅斯代表隊因世界反興奮劑機構而受國際體育仲裁法庭禁賽時,國際奧委會所承認的俄羅斯運動員在國際比賽上的標識。
      同類詞: RPCRAFRHF
  6. (動力運動) Race of Champions (車王爭霸賽)之縮寫
    同類詞: IROC


ROC (複數 ROCs)

  1. (數學級數) region of convergence (收斂區間)之首字母縮略詞