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动词派生自中古法語古法語 harasser (使...力竭;折磨,烦扰)(现代法語 harasser (使...力竭)),可能源自古法語 harer (放狗追)[1]源自古法蘭克語 *hara (此处,到这里, 命令狗攻击的指令)[2]源自原始日耳曼語 *hē₂r (这里),最终源自原始印歐語 *ḱe (这里;这个) + *ís (那个,那位) + *-r



  • (標準英音) 英語發音hăʹrəs, hərăsʹIPA(幫助)/ˈhæɹəs/, /həˈɹæs/
  • 文檔
  • (通用美式) 英語發音hərăsʹ, hăʹrəsIPA(幫助)/həˈɹæs/, /ˈhæɹəs/
    • 重音在第一个音节上的第一个发音较老,一部分人认为只有它是正确的,但重音在第二个音节上的第二个发音现在也很常见。[2]
  • 韻部:-æɹəs, -æs
  • 斷字:ha‧rass


harass (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 harasses,現在分詞 harassing,一般過去時及過去分詞 harassed) (及物)

  1. 烦扰骚扰纠缠
    近義詞: beleaguerbesetchevyharryhasslemolestplague
    1. (尤指) (法律上的)频繁再三骚扰
  2. 给...负担,使...紧张
    To harass good people is no different than speaking ill of them.
    • 1761Thomas Boston,“State II. Namely, the State of Nature or of Entire Depravation. Head I. The Sinfulness of Man’s Natural State. [Of the Corruption of the Will.]”,出自 Human Nature in Its Four-fold State [],12th edition,Edinburgh: [] David Gray [], OCLC 1227576333, 頁號80:
      The ſoul that dies this death, is like a loving wife matched with a rigorous huſband: ſhe does what ſhe can to pleaſe him, yet he is never pleaſed; but toſſeth, haraſſeth, and beats her, till ſhe break her heart, and death ſets her free: []
    • 1831William French and George Skinner譯,, A New Translation of the Proverbs of Solomon from the Original Hebrew [],Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: [] J. Smith printer to the University; London: John Murray [], OCLC 557695510, Proverbs XI:29, 頁號37:
      He, who harasseth his household, shall inherit the wind; / And the fool shall be the servant of the wise in heart.
    • 1839Martin F[arquhar] Tupper,“Of Discretion”,出自 Proverbial Philosophy: A Book of Thoughts and Arguments, Originally Treated,3rd edition,London:Joseph Rickerby, [], OCLC 1106736458, 頁號147–148:
      Zeal without judgment is an evil, though it be zeal unto good; / [] / By a shoulder to the wheel downhill harasseth the labouring beast, / And where an obstruction were needed, will harm by an ill judged thrusting-on.
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  3. 反复攻击
  4. (棄用, 常后接out) 使...筋疲力竭,使...劳累不堪
    • Template:RQ:Bacon War with Spain
    • Template:RQ:Dryden Georgics
    • Template:RQ:Addison Cato
    • 1812John Mason Good,“Part II. First Series of Controversy.”,出自 The Book of Job, Literally Translated from the Original Hebrew, and Restored to Its Natural Arrangement: [],London: [] [F]or Black, Parry, and Co. [], by R. Watts, Broxbourn Press, OCLC 1190975254, Job XIV:19–20:
      As the waters wear to pieces the stones, / As their overflowings sweep the soil from the land,— / So consumest thou the hope of man; / Thou harassest him continually till he perish; / Thou weariest out his frame, and despatchest him.
    • 1825Jedediah Cleishbotham [pseudonym],“Substance of Some Traditions Respecting Grimmfer the Wizard”,出自 New Landlord’s Tales; or, Jedediah in the South. [],卷號II,London: [] [S. Gosnell] for T[homas] Hookham, [], OCLC 230654412, chapter I, 頁號126–127:
      '[T]is true, that he neither harasseth his vassals from morn to eve by hard labour and exaction, nor committeth them to the dungeon, when they can no longer work nor pay. But to knights of our calling, Monsieur Robichon, he is as ill disposed as the worst of them:— []
      By an unknown author in imitation of Walter Scott’s Tales of My Landlord (1816–1832).





harass (複數 harasses)

  1. (古舊) 骚扰
    近義詞: harassmentpestering


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