源自中古英語 personablepersonabil,等价于person +‎ -able。对比出现于13世纪末英国文献内的中世紀拉丁語 personabilis (个人的)。中古法语personable (重要的)在1528年前无记载。


  • IPA(幫助)/ˈpɜː(ɹ)sənəbəl/
  • 文檔


personable (比較級 more personable最高級 most personable)

  1. (指人) 英俊的,迷人
    近義詞: handsome
    • 1822, Sir Walter Scott, 章號 19, 出自 The Fortunes of Nigel:
      I admit him a personable man, for I have seen him; and I will suppose him courteous and agreeable.
    • 1908, E. M. Forster, 章號 12, 出自 A Room With a View:
      Barefoot, bare-chested, radiant and personable against the shadowy woods, he called: "Hullo, Miss Honeychurch! Hullo!"
  2. (指人) 友好的,友善的;优雅的,有风度
    近義詞: friendlyamiable
    • 1590埃德蒙·斯宾塞仙后(The Faerie Qveene. [], OCLC 960102938, book III, canto IV, stanza 5:
      Wise, warlike, personable, curteous, and kind.
    • 1919,w:Joseph A. Altsheler,章號5,出自 The Sun Of Quebec:
      I'm bound to admit that you're a personable young rascal, with the best manners I've met in a long time.
    • 2009年10月5日,Randy James,“2-Min. Bio: Stephanie Birkitt: Letterman's Lover?”,出自 Time:
      Aside from being incredibly funny and personable he is generous, kind and is great fun to play catch with.
  3. (法律, 棄用) 能在法庭中抗辩
    • 15th century, Petitions of the Commons[1]
      The Queen be by that name personable to plead
    • 1607, John Cowell), The Interpreter:
      The demaundant was iudged personable to maintaine this action