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繼承自中古英語 handsumhondsom,等同於hand +‎ -some。對照荷蘭語 handzaam德國低地德語 handsaam。原意是指「容易處理和使用」,因此便出現了「合適的」和「靈巧的,聰明的」等含義(16世紀中期),並產生了表示欣賞的現代化含義(16世紀晚期)。



handsome (比較級 more handsome handsomer最高級 most handsome handsomest)

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    • 1917,Anton Chekhov,Constance Garnett譯,, The Darling and Other Stories[1]Project Gutenberg, →ISBN, 頁號71:
      The mother, Ekaterina Pavlovna, who at one time had been handsome, but now, asthmatic, depressed, vague, and over-feeble for her years, tried to entertain me with conversation about painting. Having heard from her daughter that I might come to Shelkovka, she had hurriedly recalled two or three of my landscapes which she had seen in exhibitions in Moscow, and now asked what I meant to express by them.
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    • 2006,Richard Leviton, The Gods in Their Cities,iUniverse, →ISBN, 頁號44:
      Often, human mortals describe their visits to the Tuatha's [places] in similar terms: they were great bright places, occupied by exceedingly handsome men and women, that sported wonderful crystal chairs, inexhaustible supplies of mead or ale ...
    That is one handsome tree you've got there.
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