open up

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open up

open (something) up[编辑]

  1. (使某事物)成为可能,可得到,可达到
    The railway opened up the east of the country.  铁路使这个国家的东部不再闭塞。
    Exciting possibilities were opening up for her in the new job.  新工作为她带来了令人兴奋的发展前途。
  2. 开门;营业;开业
    I open up the store for the day at around 8.30.  我的店每天早上大约 8:30 开门。
  3. 开张;开业
    There's a new Thai restaurant opening up in town.  城里有一家新的泰国餐馆开张了。
  4. 发展;开始发生;出现
    A division has opened up between the two ministers over the single European currency.  两位部长在欧洲单一货币问题上出现了分歧。
    Scott opened up a 3-point lead in the first game.  斯科特在第一局就以 3 分领先。
  5. 张开;裂开;拓展;打开
    The wound opened up and started bleeding.  伤口裂开,开始流血。
    The operation will open up the blocked passages around his heart.  手术将把他心脏周围被堵塞的通道打开。

open up[编辑]

  1. 直抒胸臆;畅所欲言
    It helps to discuss your problems but I find it hard to open up.  与人谈谈自己面临的问题固然有益,但我觉得有些话很难说得出口。
  2. 开火
    Anti-aircraft guns opened up.  高射炮开始射击。
  3. 打开(门、容器等)
    Open up or we'll break the door down!  开门!不然就砸门了!