beauty 的截斷形式


  • 英語發音byo͞ot國際音標(幫助)/bjuːt/
  • 文檔
  • 韻部:-uːt
  • 同音词butte, Bute, Butte


beaut (複數 beauts)

  1. (非正式) 漂亮的人或事物
    That new car of yours is a real beaut.
  2. (非正式) 厉害杰出的人或事物
    • 1942, Nelson Algren, Never Come Morning, 出版於 2001,頁號 282:
      Bruno lifted his left hand out of the bucket in order to point out to Catfoot a lump, the size of a darning egg, over his left eye. [] "Ain't it a beaut, Cat? It's where he butted me."
    • 1994, Stephen Jay Gould, Eight Little Piggies: Reflections in Natural History,頁號 109:
      In his most famous quip, La Guardia once remarked, “When I make a mistake it's a beaut!”
    • 2000, James Patterson, The Midnight Club,頁號 272:
      Both of them were used to long surveillance stints. This looked like it might be a beaut.



beaut (比較級 beauter最高級 beautest)

  1. (非正式特別用於澳大利亞) 漂亮的,壮观
    近義詞: beautifulsplendid
    • 1895, Elbridge Kingsley, Frederick Knab, Picturesque Worcester ...: Complete in Three Parts,頁號 40:
      An' there was posies all round Jim, He had a bran new suit, The first un that he ever had, An' everything was beaut. An' when the preacher told 'bout Jim— How ' twas he got the swipe— I saw most all them dandy swells A feelin' fer a wipe.
    • 1968, James Phillip McAuley, Quadrant:
      It was beaut to have him home again, and gee, you should have seen the bike he bought me from Paris. From the same factory as his own was made.
    • 1978, Kevin Gilbert, Living Black: Blacks Talk to Kevin Gilbert:
      She was very motherly towards me then and it was beaut. Before I was eighteen, there just wasn't any kind words. All I wanted to do was get away from there.
    • 1996, Madeleine St. John, A Pure Clear Light, 4th Estate, Limited:
      Yes, it was beaut.


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