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不详,原为苏格兰英语。可能是拟声词,但对比中古英語 thakken古英語 þaccian(其因与本词异文合并而派生出thwack)。


  • IPA(幫助)/wæk/
  • (wine/whine) IPA(幫助)/ʍæk/
  • 文檔
  • 韻部:-æk
  • 同音词wack (带有wine-whine兼并的口音)


whack (複數 whacks)

  1. 重击 无论是否击中
  2. 重击
  3. (美國, 俚語) 尝试
    C'mon. Take a whack at it.
    40 bucks a whack.
  4. (原为英國黑話, 较为過時) 一份 尤指一大部分
    • Template:RQ:Thackeray Pendennis
    • Template:RQ:London White Fang
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, New York: Appleton, Chapter VII, page 108,[1]
      [] O'Cannon's a taxpayer. He pays his whack towards the upkeep of the State School up in town—”
    • 1951, Katherine Mansfield, Letters to John Middleton Murry, 1913-1922,
      For one thing I had a splendid supper when I got on board—a whack of cold, lean beef and pighells, bread, butter ad lib., tea, and plenty of good bread.
    • 2014, Anthony Pritchard, Grand Prix Ferrari (page 203)
      There were problems over the installation of the engine and the handling. The team had paid top whack for the two Coopers, but the company gave them no help at all.
  5. (棄用) 拆分瓜分
    近義詞: whack-updivvying updivision
  6. (美國, 棄用) 约定协议
    It's a whack!
  7. (過時, 迪斯科时代毒品俚語) 苯环己哌啶天使粉
    近義詞: PCPphencyclidinewack
  8. (字體排印, 計算機, 俚語) 反斜线反斜杠 ⟨ \ ⟩
    del c:\docs\readme.txt
    可读作Delete c colon whack docs whack readme dot text.



whack (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 whacks,現在分詞 whacking,一般過去時及過去分詞 whacked)

  1. 重击
    The bat whacked the baseball.
  2. (俚語) 干掉杀掉
    近義詞: 參見Thesaurus:kill
    • 2008年4月29日,Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 4,Take-Two Interactive, level/area: Flatline:
      Niko Bellic: So you want me to talk to him? / Jimmy Pegorino: I want you to whack him! And after that I want you to kill all the other rats I surround myself with...
  3. (及物, 俚語) 瓜分 常带up
    to whack the spoils of a robbery
    • 1851, Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor, London: G. Newbold, Volume 2, p. 152,
      When the sewer-hunters consider they have searched long enough [] the gang [] count out the money they have picked up, and proceed to dispose of the old metal, bones, rope, &c.; this done, they then, as they term it, “whack” the whole lot; that is, they divide it equally among all hands.
  4. (運動) 彻底打败,彻底击败
    • 2012, Ryan Pyette, Majors, Panthers play mind games, The London Free Press:
      The fidgety Majors were whacked 9-1 by the Kitchener Panthers at Couch and now trail their rivals 2-0 in an increasingly uncomfortable best-of-seven Intercounty Baseball League first-round series.
  5. (英國, 常用否定) 超过胜过
    • 2012, Steve Cullen, Total Flyfisher:
      Recently I was over in Ireland, I love the place, proper fishing, can't whack it!



whack (比較級 whacker最高級 whackest)

  1. wack (疯狂的)的另一種寫法
    That's whack, yo!
    • 2007, Joyce E. Davis, Can't Stop The Shine, page 51:
      As they joked about the big butts on female celebrities and what rappers had the whackest lyrics, Malcolm paid little attention to Kalia besides squeezing her hand or grabbing her arm to hold himself up []


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