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早期形式包括vandgard(a)vantgard,派生自古法語 avan(t)garde



vanguard (複數 vanguards)

  1. (軍事) 先锋先头部队前卫
    近義詞: advance guard(弃用) avant-garde
    反義詞: rearguard
  2. (引申义) 先锋先驱
    近義詞: avant-garde
    • 1922Ben Travers,章號4,出自 A Cuckoo in the Nest[1]:
      By some paradoxical evolution rancour and intolerance have been established in the vanguard of primitive Christianity. Mrs. Spoker, in common with many of the stricter disciples of righteousness, was as inclement in demeanour as she was cadaverous in aspect.
    • 2014年11月17日,Roger Cohen,“The horror! The horror! The trauma of ISIS [print version: International New York Times, 18 November 2014, page 9]”,出自 The New York Times[2]:
      [O]ne minute this "Jihadi John" was struggling to get by, and get accepted, in drizzly England, unemployed with a mortgage to pay and a chip on his shoulder, and the next he stands in brilliant Levantine sunlight, where everything is clear and etched, at the vanguard of some Sunni Risorgimento intent on subjecting the world to its murderous brand of Wahhabi Islam.