seperate 为常见误拼写法。


< 拉丁语 separatus——separare 的被动完成分词 < sepire, saepire(围)。


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  1. ~ from sth/sb)单独的;独立的;分开的
    separate bedrooms/offices  单独的卧室╱办公室
    Raw meat must be kept separate from cooked meat.  生肉和熟肉必须分开存放。
    The school is housed in two separate buildings.  学校设在两栋独立的楼房内。
  2. 〈多修饰名词〉不同的;不相关的
    It happened on three separate occasions.  这事在三个不同的场合发生过。
    For the past three years they have been leading totally separate lives.  三年来,他们完全是各过各的生活。


  • 派生词:separateness [名] 分开,分离
    Japan's long-standing sense of separateness and uniqueness  日本那种由来已久的自成一体、孑然独立的意识



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  1. ~ (sth) (from/and sth))(使)分开,分离;分割;划分
    Stir the sauce constantly so that it does not separate.  不停地搅动沙司,免得出现分层。
    It is impossible to separate belief from emotion.  信仰和感情是分不开的。
    Separate the eggs (= separate the yolk from the white).  把蛋黄和蛋清分开。
    Make a list of points and separate them into "desirable" and "essential".  列出各点,把它们分成“可取的”和“绝对必要的”两类。
  2. ~ sb/sth (from/and sb/sth))(使)分离,分散
    We separated into several different search parties.  我们分成几个搜索小组。
    South America separated from Africa 200 million years ago.  2亿年前南美洲和非洲分离。
    South America and Africa separated 200 million years ago.  南美洲和非洲于2亿年前分离。
    Police tried to separate the two men who were fighting.  警察力图把两个打架的人分开。
    The war separated many families.  这场战争使许多家庭离散。
    Those suffering from infectious diseases were separated from the other patients.  传染病患者同其他病人隔离开来。
  3. ~ sb (from/and sb))隔开;阻隔
    A thousand kilometres separates the two cities.  两座城市相隔一千公里。
    A high wall separated our back yard from the playing field.  我们的后院和运动场之间隔着一堵高墙。
  4. ~ (from sb))分居
    He separated from his wife after 20 years of marriage.  他和妻子在结婚 20 年后分居了。
    They separated last year.  他们于去年分居了。
  5. ~ sb/sth (from sb/sth))区分;区别
    Politics is the only thing that separates us (= that we disagree about).  我们之间唯一的分歧是政治观点。
    Her lack of religious faith separated her from the rest of her family.  她缺乏宗教信仰,这使她同家里其他人格格不入。
    The judges found it impossible to separate the two contestants (= they gave them equal scores).  裁判无法把两位参赛者分出高下。
    Only four points separate the top three teams.  领先的三队只相差四分。


  • separate out; separate something out  使某物分开;划分
    to separate out different meanings  区分出不同的意思



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