• 英語發音o͞ozIPA(幫助)/uːz/
  • 文檔
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  • 韻部:-uːz
  • 同音词oohs

词源 1[编辑]




ooze (可數 不可數,複數 oozes)

  1. 鞣液
  2. 渗漏
  3. (棄用) 分泌
  4. (棄用) 汁液


ooze (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 oozes,現在分詞 oozing,一般過去時及過去分詞 oozed)

  1. (不及物, 有時比喻) 渗出漏出
    • 1868, Charlotte Riddell, A Strange Christmas Game:
      I promised him I would keep silence, but the story gradually oozed out, and the Cronsons left the country.
    • 1988,David Drake, The Sea Hag[1],Baen Publishing Enterprises,出版年份2003, →ISBN:
      Pale slime oozed through all the surfaces; some of it dripped from the ceiling and burned Dennis as badly as the blazing sparks had done a moment before.
    • 1994,Madeleine May Kunin, Living a Political Life[2],Vintage Books,出版年份1995, →ISBN:
      He was hard to understand because he spoke softly, and his Vermont accent was as thick as maple syrup oozing down a pile of pancakes.
    • 2011,Karen Mahoney, The Iron Witch,Flux, →ISBN, 頁號278:
      Her heart constricted when she saw thick blood oozing from a wide gash in his forehead.
  2. (及物, 比喻) 散发显露 某种特质
    • 1989,Robert R. McCammon, The Wolf's Hour[3],Open Road Integrated Media,出版年份2011, →ISBN:
      "Good servants are so hard to find," Chesna said, oozing arrogance.
    • 1999,Tamsin Blanchard, Antonio Berardi: Sex and Sensibility,Watson-Guptill Publications, →ISBN, 頁號16:
      There are no two ways about it: a Berardi dress oozes sex appeal from its very seams.
    • 2012年4月21日,Jonathan Jurejko,“Newcastle 3-0 Stoke”,出自 BBC Sport[4]:
      Newcastle had failed to penetrate a typically organised Stoke backline in the opening stages but, once Cabaye and then Cisse breached their defence, Newcastle oozed confidence and controlled the game with a swagger expected of a top-four team.

词源 2[编辑]

源自中古英語 wose,源自古英語 wāse (泥,泥潭),源自原始西日耳曼語 [具體何詞?],源自原始日耳曼語 *waisǭ(对比荷蘭語 waas (雾霭,花朵),(弃用)德語 Wasen (草皮)古諾爾斯語 veisa (粘液,污浊的池塘)),源自原始印歐語 *weys- ()(对比梵語 विष्यति (viṣyati, ))。详见virus


ooze (複數 oozes)

  1. 泥浆
  2. (海洋學) 软泥 包含大量钙质或硅质浮游生物残骸的远海沉积物
  3. 松软湿软土地