源自中古英語 litteraly,等价于literal +‎ -ly



literally (比較級 more literally最高級 most literally)

  1. 字面意义上的,没有比喻
    近義詞: actuallyreallyunfigurativelyunmetaphorically;亦參見Thesaurus:actually
    反義詞: figurativelyidiomaticallymetaphoricallyvirtually
    下位詞: overliterally
    同類詞: etymonically
    When I saw on the news that there would be no school tomorrow because of the snowstorm, I literally jumped for joy, and hit my head on the ceiling fan.
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    • 2012 5月 24, Nathan Rabin, “Film: Reviews: Men In Black 3”, 出自 The Onion AV Club[1]:
      [] Men In Black 3 finagles its way out of this predicament by literally resetting the clock with a time-travel premise that makes Will Smith both a contemporary intergalactic cop in the late 1960s and a stranger to Josh Brolin, who plays the younger version of Smith’s stone-faced future partner, Tommy Lee Jones.
    • 2021 1月 7, Luke Broadwater, Emily Cochrane, “Inside the Capitol, the Sound of the Mob Came First”, 出自 The New York Times[2], →ISSN:
      As lawmakers and staff rushed out, aides snatched the boxes containing the Electoral College certificates, making sure that the vandals could not literally steal the results of the election.
  2. (程度比喻義官方不推荐自反义) 简直几乎可以说 用于加强比喻义的程度,而非否定比喻义
    近義詞: virtually
    He was so surprised, he literally jumped twenty feet in the air.
    My daughter's pet rabbit had babies, and now we've literally got rabbits coming out of our ears.
    On 9/11 people were literally glued to their TV sets.
    • 1827, Sir Walter Scott, “Appendix to Introduction”, 出自 Chronicles of the Canongate[3],於15 June 2021歸檔自原頁面:
      The house was literally electrified; and it was only from witnessing the effects of her genius that he could guess to what a pitch theatrical excellence could be carried.
    • 1993, Wayne W. Dyer, Real Magic,頁號 193:
      You literally become the ball in a tennis match, you become the report that you are working on []
    • 2017 4月 22, New Straits Times, Malaysia,頁號 20:
      [O]ne can assume that the millions or billions of ringgit spent on the war against drugs have gone down the drain, literally.
  3. (口語) 真的 增强非比喻义词的语气
    I had no idea, so I was literally guessing.
    I was literally having breakfast when she arrived.
    She was literally like, "What?", and I was literally like, "Yeah".
    Literally who is this?
    • 2015, “On the Run”, 出自 Steven Universe:
      Pearl: Steven, we are not like the No Home Boys. We are literally standing in your home right now.
  4. (口語) 仅仅不过 用作广义弱化修饰词
    近義詞: merely;亦參見Thesaurus:merely
    It's not even hard⁠ to make—you literally just put it in the microwave for five minutes and it's done.
    It won't take me long to get back, cause the store's literally two blocks away.


  • Literallyfiguratively的反义词,因此很多官方机构反对将literally用作比喻用法的语气加强词,比如“you literally become the ball”,不带任何比喻义的话,就是指“你变成了球”,而这是不可能的,但是实际上,这是说话人在使用literally作为语气加强词,来强调比喻义的程度。这种用法在非正式口语中很常见(“she was literally in floods of tears”)。