The spiral galaxy NGC 1672



源自中古英語 galaxyegalaxie,源自古法語 galaxie,源自拉丁語 galaxias,源自古希臘語 γαλαξίας (galaxías, 银河系),源自γάλα (gála, )



galaxy (複數 galaxies)

  1. (現已罕用) 银河系 [自14世纪]
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  2. 星系 [自19世纪]
  3. (比喻义) 群星,群星荟萃 显赫的人物组成的团队等
  4. (時尚, 设计) 星系图案,星系图样 黑色背景下多种颜色混合构成的图案
    • 2016,Reyna Young, Hanover Falls[1], 頁號42:
      Her walls and ceiling were covered with galaxy wallpaper; it was like stepping into space.
    • 2017,Rebekah L. Purdy, Incriminating Dating[2]:
      Her nerdy glasses sat perched on her face, and she wore a May the Force Be With You T-shirt with a black lace skirt, galaxy leggings, and a pair of white Star Wars Vans.
    • 2018,Isabel Scheck, Survival[3], 頁號15:
      She hurriedly said that she found an[sic] faded galaxy blanket. She loved galaxy patterned things.





  • 斯瓦希里語:galaksi


galaxy (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 galaxies,現在分詞 galaxying,一般過去時及過去分詞 galaxied)

  1. 给...布置星系,使...充满星系
    • 1836, anonymous, “The Victim Bride: A Tale of Monadnock” in The Philadelphia Visiter, volume 1, number 14, page 53:
      [] how he struggled at one time like a desperate man fiercly [sic] grappling with his mortal foe, and at another like a sanguine lover and noble minded youth, as the cliffy rocks impeded his progress, or dimmed the view he had caught of an aperture, through which the galaxied firmament was seen in its purity and holiness glowing with diamonds and saphires; []
    • 1838, John Edmund Reade, Italy: a poem, in six parts, page 138:
      In dazzling light expands the mighty Dome:
      Mirror of Heaven,—but Heaven when she doth wear
      All galaxied with Stars her flashing hair!
    • 2018, Adrian G. R. Scott, “A Canticle to Creatureliness” in A Night Sea Journey:
      To be dwarfed in a galaxied sky,
      doming, arcing, and revolving over
      The little space I briefly occupy.
  2. (古舊) 组成发亮整体
    • 1702, Cotton Mather, Magnalia Christi Americana, book 3, part 4 (“Remains: or, Shorter Accounts of Sundry Divines”), chapter 1 (“Remains of the Firſt Claſſis”), page 213:
      Let all their Vertues then be Galaxied into this one indiſtinct Luſtre, they were Faithful Servants of Chriſt, and Sufferers for their being ſo.
    • 1841, Edgar Allan Poe, “Review of New Books” in Graham’s Magazine, volume 18, number 5, page 249:
      The brilliancies on one page of Lalla Roohk [sic] would have sufficed to establish that very reputation which has been in a great measure self-dimned by the galaxied lustre of the entire book.
    • 1844, Horace Smith, Arthur Arundel: A Tale of the English Revolution, volume 1, page 172:
      How dazzling must their brightness be when they are galaxied in a single bosom!