源自拉丁語 fastīdiōsus (觉得恶心的,蔑视的,鄙夷的;让人恶心的,令人厌恶的),源自fastīdium (厌恶,恶心),可能因为*fastutidium,源自fastus (鄙夷,傲慢,觉得反感) + taedium (反感)。对比法語 fastidieux


  • IPA(幫助)/fæˈstɪdi.əs/, /fəˈstɪdi.əs/
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  • 文檔


fastidious (比較級 more fastidious, 最高級 most fastidious)

  1. 严格挑剔的,一丝不苟的;苛刻
    近義詞: exactingfussymeticulousnigglypernickety;亦參見Thesaurus:fastidious
    • 2003, Lynsay Sands, Single White Vampire:
      He had at first tried to clean up as they ate, his fastidious nature kicking in, but Chris had told him to just stop, he was blocking the TV.
    • 2004, Maria Osborne Perr, Ravished Wings[1]:
      As she cleaned the room daily, she knew it was against his fastidious nature to bring or have food in his room.
    • 2008, Robert Fisher, Memory Road[2]:
      His fastidious nature had been evident in his careful snipping of a customer's hair and now he guided his pencil with the same adroitness.
  2. 洁癖
    • 2010, Debra Lee Baldwin, Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care ...[3]:
      "If you are fastidious, clean previously used pots inside and out; if not, merely clean the outside (unless you are battling a pest infestation; then the inside will need scrubbing as well)."
  3. 吹毛求疵而难以取悦
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    • 1897, Kate Chopin, The Lilies:
      "It's burn[t], M'sieur," said Marie Louise, politely, but decidedly, to the utter confusion of Mr. Billy, who was as mortified as could be at the failure of his dinner to please his fastidious little visitor.