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n. (尤指海拔)高度, 高处(海拔甚高的地方), (等级, 地位等)高等

例句:atmospheric pressure decreases as altitude increases. 大气压力随着高度的增加而降低。

例句:at high altitudes of Tibet it is difficult to breathe. 在西藏海拔很高的地方呼吸很困难。

例句:The airliner flew at an altitude of 20000 feet. 客机在两万英尺的高度飞行。

例句:In these altitudes snow never melts. 在这样的高度,雪永不融化。

例句:The environmental impact of these emissions strongly depends upon the altitude at which they occur. 这些气体对环境的影响主要取决于它们排入的高度。

例句:Some people develop altitude sickness when climbing high mountains. 有些人在爬高山时会发生高山反应。

例句:We're presently at an altitude of 28,000 feet ascending to our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. 我们现在的高度是两万八千尺,正往三万五千呎的巡航高度爬升。

例句:There are walks of 6–8 hours most days, with a maximum altitude of 5,545 metres. 大多数时间里,每天在海拔高达5,545米的高原上步行6至8小时。

例句:There is a direct correlation between coffee density and the altitude that the coffee plant is growing at, with a higher altitude equaling a higher density. 海拔高度与咖啡密度也有直接的关系,海拔越高就意味着密度越高。

例句:any illness at altitude is altitude illness until proven otherwise. 在高海拔的任何病症,都应先假定是高山病,直到证明是别的疾病为止。

例句:Never before had an Olympics been held at such an altitude of 7,347 feet, the highest by far in Olympic annals. 此前,奥运会从来没有在海拔高达7347英尺的地方举办过,这次奥运会举办地的海拔是奥运历史上最高的。

例句:Studies have shown that travelers who are on organized group treks to high-altitude locations are more likely to die of altitude illness than travelers who are by themselves. 研究指出参加登山队而爬升到高海拔落脚的旅者,较单独行动的旅者更容易死于高山疾病。

例句:at this altitude the atmospheric pressure is half that at sea level, and thus delivers half the amount of oxygen per lungful. 在这一海拔大气压力只有海平面的一半,因此每呼吸一次身体只能得到一半的氧气供给。

例句:also last year, the large, modern and multi-functional Tibet Autonomous Region Library, the world's highest in altitude, was completed and opened to the public. 1996年,世界上海拔最高的现代化的、多功能的大型图书馆西藏自治区图书馆建成开馆。

例句:The Tibet Autonomous Region is 1.22 million sq km in area, with an average altitude of well over 4,000 m above sea level. It boasts a unique natural ecology and geographical environment. 西藏自治区面积122万平方公里,平均海拔在4000米以上,有着独特的自然生态和地理环境。

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n.f. 高度;海拔,海拔高度;mal de l'~[d'~]高山症,航空病,高空缺氧不适症