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Pin function CK,/CK (input pins) CK and /CK are differential clock inputs. All address and control input signals are sampled on the crossing of the positive edge of Ck and negative edge of /CK. Output (read )data is referenced to the crossings of Ck and /CK (both directions of crossing.)

/CS (input pin) all commands are masked when /CS is registered high. /CS provides for external rank selection on systems with multiple ranks. /CS is considered part of the command code.

/RAS, /CAS, /WE (input pins) /RAS, /CAS and /WE(along with /CS) define the command being entered.

A0 to A13 (input pins) Provided the row address for Active commands and the column address and Auto Precharge bit for Read/Write commands to select one location out of the memory array in the respective bank. The address inputs also provide the op-code during mode register set commands.

[Address Pins Table]

Address (A0 to A13)

Part number Row address Column address Note P3R12E3HEF/U AX0 to AX13 AY0 to AY9 P3R12E4HEF/U AX0 to AX12 AY0 to AY9 1 Note: 1. A13 pin is NC for x 16 organization.

A10 (AP) (input pin) A10 is sampled during a precharge command to determine whether the precharge applies to one bank (A10=low) or all banks (A10=high). If only one bank is to be precharged, the bank is selected by BA0, BA1.

BA0, BA1(input pins) BA0 and BA1 define to which bank an active, read, write or precharge command is being applied. BA0 also determines if the mode register or extended mode register is to be accessed during a MRS or EMRS cycle.