all-you-can-eat (無比較級)

  1. (字面義) 自助餐支付固定价格后可无限享用食物的
    • 1995,Edward B Fiske, The Fiske Guide to Colleges 1995:
      It's an all-you-can-eat deal, and students can use their meal cards at numerous campus snack bars and sandwich shops.
    • 2007, Bob Sehlinger, Grant Rafter, Katie Brandon, Beyond Disney
      JT's serves all-you-can-eat prime rib on Wednesday nights for $18.99.
  2. (比喻义, 引申义) 自助的,定期定额无限使用的
    • 1998, Network World (volume 15, number 3, 19 January 1998)
      "Last year, when they came out with their all-you-can-eat, $19.95 per month service, it nearly brought them down."
    • 2008, Billboard magazine (11 October 2008)
      Nokia has unveiled its all-you-can-eat Comes With Music package for the United Kingdom...