源自盎格魯-諾曼語 avertir (告知)advertir中古法語 advertiravertir (警告,通報),詞尾為-ise-ize,可能受名詞advertisement的影響。對比advert



advertise (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 advertises,現在分詞 advertising,一般過去時及過去分詞 advertised)

  1. (及物) 公佈 (自15世紀)
  2. (不及物)廣告宣傳 (自18世紀)
    It pays to advertise.
    For personal needs, advertise on the internet or in a local newspaper.
  3. (及物) 做……的廣告 (自19世紀)
    Over the air, they advertise their product on drive-time radio talk shows and TV news shows.
  4. (及物, 現在罕用) 告訴 (自15世紀)
    • 1603, Michel de Montaigne, “An Apologie of Raymond Sebond”, 出自 John Florio(譯者), The Essayes [], book II, London: [] Val[entine] Simmes for Edward Blount [], →OCLC頁號 288:
      Socrates being advertiſed, that the God of wiſdome, had attributed the name of wiſe vnto him, was thereat much aſtoniſhed, and diligently ſearching and rouzing vp himſelf, and ranſaking the very ſecrets of his heart, found no foundation or ground for his divine ſentence.
    • 1726, Terræ Filius [pseudonym; Nicholas Amherst], “[The Dedication]”, 出自 Terræ-Filius: Or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford; in Several Essays. To which are Added, Remarks upon a Late Book, Entitled, University Education, by R. Newton, D.D. Principal of Hart-Hall. In Two Volumes, 2nd版, 卷 I, London: Printed for R. Francklin, under Tom's Coffee-House, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden, →OCLC頁號 xi:
      [] I am daily advertiſed by ſeveral friends and correſpondents from Oxford, that I have omitted many particulars, which it is proper to animadvert upon, in order to compleat the Secret Hiſtory of that place; and I have therefore, in compliance with their requeſt, reſolved to reſume this work, and continue to publiſh ſome part of it every Act-Term, till the whole is finiſhed, and the ſubject fully exhauſted: []