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I used to edit as Lo Ximiendo.

Claviharp (Sinophones, that's a real English word) - 鍵盤豎琴

Twin Falls, Idaho - 特溫福爾斯 - 雙瀑或雙濂 (I'm not sure which.)

Meridian, Idaho - 梅里迪恩 - 經線

Cathedral Pines, Idaho - ... - 聖堂松

Obsidian, Idaho - ... - 黑曜岩

Königsberg - 哥尼斯堡 - 王山 (For various reasons of conscience, I would rather use the old German place-names instead of the toponyms coined by the Soviet Union.)

Salzburg - 薩爾茲堡 - 鹽城堡

Santa Fe - 聖菲 - 聖信

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