1. (運輸) Electronic Road Pricing (电子不停车收费系统)之首字母縮略詞,新加坡的道路收费电子系统,用于缓解繁忙时段的交通问题。
    • 2004 Feb, ERP in Singapore - what’s been learnt from five years of operation,頁號 62:
      Electronic road pricing (ERP)is one of the main tools which is keeping Singapore’s traffic problems within manageable levels.
    • 2010, Simon Richard, Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei,頁號 569:
      Many car parks are now run using the same in-vehicle unit and cashcard and ERP gantries instead of the coupon system.
    • 2011, Ozge Yalciner Ercoskin, Green and Ecological Technologies for Urban Planning: Creating Smart Cities: Creating Smart Cities,頁號 178:
      However, the term ERP is unique to Singapore, and it serves to differentiate the fact that charges are not collected at physical toll stations but are done automatically on the roadways.
    • 2014 10月 1, The Straits Times (online), LTA calls tender for next generation ERP:
      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has called a tender to develop Singapore's next generation electronic road pricing system. The new system will be based on Global Navigation Satellite System technology.
    • 2016 2月 25, Christopher Tan, The Straits Times (Singapore), LTA to roll out next-generation ERP from 2020, NCS-MHI to build system for $556m:
      Singapore has cleared the way for its next-generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)(ERP) system, which will have islandwide coverage and the ability to charge according to distance travelled.


ERP (複數 ERPs)

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