首次可考于1830年,是ramshackled逆構詞,源自ransackledransackle (洗劫)的过去式,中古英語 ransaken (掠夺)的反复态。


  • 國際音標(幫助)/ˈɹæmˌʃæk.əl/英語發音rămʹshăk'əl
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ramshackle (比較級 more ramshackle最高級 most ramshackle)

  1. 破烂的,破旧的,残破
    近義詞: 參見Thesaurus:ramshackle
    They stayed in a ramshackle cabin on the beach.
  2. 乱七八糟
    • 2012 9月 7, Dominic Fifield, “England start World Cup campaign with five-goal romp against Moldova”, 出自 The Guardian[1]:
      So ramshackle was the locals' attempt at defence that, with energetic wingers pouring into the space behind panicked full-backs and centre-halves dizzied by England's movement, it was cruel to behold at times.
    • 2022 10月 5, David Wallace-Wells, “Progressives Should Rally Around a Clean Energy Construction Boom”, 出自 The New York Times[2]:
      The alliance that pushed the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August was always a somewhat fragile and ramshackle one: Green New Dealers and the coal-state senator Joe Manchin, carbon-capture geeks and environmental justice warriors, all herded together in the sort of big-tent play you get with a 50-50 Senate and one party functionally indifferent on climate.


ramshackle (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 ramshackles,現在分詞 ramshackling,一般過去時及過去分詞 ramshackled)

  1. (棄用及物) ransack (洗劫)之同義詞