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借自法語 cajoler,可能是中古法語 cageoler (松鸦鸣叫)(源自gajolegeai (松鸦)的方言指小词) + 古法語 gaioler (诱至笼中)的混成词,后者源自中世紀拉丁語 gabiola,源自晚期拉丁語 caveola(其衍生出英語 caveola),拉丁語 cavea (笼子,畜栏)的指小词。详见cagecavecavumcavus


  • (英國) IPA(幫助)/kəˈdʒəʊl/
  • (美國) 英語發音kə-jōlʹIPA(幫助)/kəˈdʒoʊl/
  • 文檔
  • 文檔
  • 韻部:-əʊl
  • 斷字:ca‧jole


cajole(第三人稱單數簡單現在時 cajoles,現在分詞 cajoling,一般過去時及過去分詞 cajoled

  1. (及物, 不及物) 哄骗诱骗
    近義詞: butter upcoaxenticeinveiglesweet-talkwheedle
    • 1722, Daniel Defoe, Moll Flanders, ch. 12:
      Then he cajoled with his brother, and persuaded him what service he had done him.
    • 1820, Sir Walter Scott, The Abbot, ch. 27:
      If you are cajoled by the cunning arguments of a trumpeter of heresy, or the praises of a puritanic old woman, is not that womanish?
    • 1894, Horatio Alger, Only An Irish Boy, ch. 19:
      He had tried bullying, and without success. He would try cajoling and temptation.
    • 1898, Gilbert Parker, The Battle Of The Strong, ch. 37:
      [W]ith eloquent arts he had cajoled a young girl into a secret marriage.
    • 1917, Upton Sinclair, King Coal, ch. 8:
      Schulman, general manager of the "G. F. C.," had been sending out messengers to hunt for him, and finally had got him in his office, arguing and pleading, cajoling and denouncing him by turns.
    • 2010 August 4, Michael Scherer, "NonSTARTer? Obama's Troubled Nuclear Treaty," Time:
      For weeks, the White House, the Pentagon and Senate Democrats have been working overtime to cajole, convince and placate Republicans.
    • 2012年7月13日,Alex Williams,“Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?”,出自 New York Times[1]:
      But the wife was visibly unimpressed by Ms. Baskin’s half-furnished home (they had just moved in) and thrown-together spaghetti dinner. “It was basically clear that his wife had been cajoled into attending,” said Ms. Baskin, 33. “She settled on to our rickety Ikea kitchen chairs like she was lowering herself into a coal mine.”





  1. cajoler第一人稱單數現在時直陳式
  2. cajoler第三人稱單數現在時直陳式
  3. cajoler第一人稱單數現在時虛擬式
  4. cajoler第三人稱單數現在時虛擬式
  5. cajoler第二人稱單數命令式