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Welcome to Chaguan. "Chaguan" (茶館) means a tea house in Chinese. It is a section for any Wiktionary related topics in any languages. Chaguan on Wiktionary is equivalent to Guestbook on Chinese Wikipedia, the multilingual Village Pump. You are also welcome Wiktionary:啤酒館, Chinese Wiktionary Beer Parlour. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions or friendly encouragement for our wiktionarians. ;-) Enjoy.


Wiktionary-logo wpstyle-en with transparency.png

Hello. The Wiktionary logo vote is over, and localization work needs to be done for each of the Wiktionaries. Could someone here please tell me whether they think the text on the left page of the logo is recognizable at that size as being not Chinese, and whether it will need to be changed? If so, could someone provide a page of available Chinese text, to be incorporated into the logo? (The final version will have "维基词典 自由的多语言词典" instead of "Wiktionary the free dictionary. This is the correct localization, I assume?) --Yair rand 2010年3月24日 (三) 05:03 (UTC)

It's fine. The only issue is that the traditional and simplified renderings of that phrase differ a little, but I doubt this is a significant problem. 2011年9月19日 (一) 00:31 (UTC)

Yair Rand: Traditional Chinese version would be "維基詞典 自由的多語言詞典", FYI. --Crane WANG 2011年9月19日 (一) 01:46 (UTC)

Numerical sorting[编辑]

Hi, given the lack of activity on this page, I'm not sure anyone will read this, but it's worth a try. Per phabricator:T8948, it will eventually be possible to sort numerical page titles naturally (in numerical order) rather than lexigraphically (in strictly alphabetical order). We would like to know which type of sorting would be preferred on your Wiktionary. Should 911 come before or after 99 (assuming they were both in the same category)? This should only affect Arabic numbers, not numerals written with Chinese characters. /Johan (WMF)讨论) 2016年3月8日 (二) 12:51 (UTC)

Lua in the Chinese Wiktionary[编辑]

Can the programming language Lua be used in the Chinese Wiktionary? I ask this because of the possibly outdated nature of how templates are created and handled (alongside the entry layout in general). --Lo Ximiendo讨论) 2017年1月22日 (日) 01:02 (UTC)

Yeah. Lua modules can be created in Chinese Wiktionary. See [1] for existing modules.--Alexander Misel讨论) 2017年1月22日 (日) 07:22 (UTC)