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單數 account,複數 accounts

  1. 賬戶
    I don't have a bank account.  我沒有銀行賬戶。
    to have an account at/with a bank  在銀行有賬戶
    to open/close an account  開立/結清賬戶
    What's your account number please?  請問你的賬戶號碼?
    I paid the cheque into my savings account.  我把支票存入我的儲蓄賬戶。
    a joint account (= one in the name of more than one person)  聯合賬戶
  2. 〈多用復〉 賬目
    to do the accounts  記賬
    to keep the accounts up to date  保持賬目日清月結
    the accounts department  會計部門
  3. 賒銷賬;賒欠賬;賒購
    Put it on my account please.  請記在我的賒購賬上。
    We have accounts with most of our suppliers.  我們與大多數供應商都是實行賒購制。
  4. 老主顧
    The advertising agency has lost several of its most important accounts.  這家廣告代理公司失去了幾家最重要的老客戶。
  5. (互聯網收發電子郵件的)賬戶,賬號
    an Internet/e-mail account  互聯網/電子郵件賬戶
    a written or spoken description of something that has happened  描述;敘述;報告
    She gave the police a full account of the incident.  她向警方詳盡地敘述了所發生的事情。
    The diaries contained detailed accounts of the writer's experiences in China.  日記詳細記述了作者在中國的經歷。
  6. (思想、理論、過程的)解釋,說明,敘述
    the Biblical account of the creation of the world  《聖經》對創世的解釋


  • by/from all accounts 據說;根據報道
  • by your own account 根據某人自己所說
  • 〈英式〉 give a good/poor account of yourself (尤指比賽中)表現好/不好,幹得出色/差勁
  • 〈書面〉 of no/little account 不重要;無足輕重
  • on account  掛賬;(先付小部份款額的)賒賬
  • on somebody's account  為了某人的緣故
  • on account of something  由於;因為
  • on no account; not on any account  決不;絕對不
  • on your own account  為自己;自願地
  • 〈書面〉 on this/that account 由於這個/那個緣故
  • 〈書面〉 put/turn something to good account 善用;利用
  • take account of something; take something into account  考慮到;顧及


  1. 〈書面,多為被動〉 認為是;視為
    In English law a person is accounted innocent until they are proved guilty.  按英國法津,一個人未經證實有罪之前被視為無罪。
    The event was accounted a success.  人們認為這次活動是成功的。
    there's no accounting for taste saying(詞組) 人的愛憎好惡是無法解釋的;人各有所好
    She thinks he's wonderful─oh well, there's no accounting for taste.  她認為他了不起 嗯,算了,人各有所好嘛。


account for something

  1. 是…的說明(或原因)
    The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.  天氣不好可能是人來得少的原因。
    Oh well, that accounts for it (= I understand now why it happened).  哎呀,原來是這麼一回事。
  2. 解釋;說明
    How do you account for the show's success?  你認為這次演出為何成功?
  3. (數量上、比例上)占
    The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company's revenue.  日本市場占該公司收入的35%。

account for somebody/something

  1. (尤指在事故之後)了解,查明
    All passengers have now been accounted for.  現在所有乘客的情況均已查明。
  2. 〈俗〉 打敗;破壞;摧毀;消滅
    Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.  我們的高射炮擊落了五架敵人的轟炸機。

account for something (to somebody)

  1. 說明錢財的處置情況;報賬
    We have to account for every penny we spend on business trips.  我們出公差所用的每一分錢都得報清楚。