middle finger




middle finger (複數 middle fingers)

  1. 中指
    近義詞: mid-finger(粗俗、俚語) fuck finger(口語) tall man
  2. 豎起中指(對人的侮辱行為)
    • 2018, Jason Silverstein, "Giving Middle Finger to Police Is a First Amendment Right, Man Argues in Lawsuit Over Ticket", Newsweek, February 4, 2018:
      An Indiana man argues in a federal lawsuit filed last week that he had a First Amendment right to give the middle finger to a state trooper, and that his free speech was violated when the gesture earned him a ticket.
  3. (比喻) 對他人的直接侮辱
    • 2007,Dominique Paul, The Possibility of Fireflies, 頁號62:
      Her whole way of being is a big middle finger to the other guy.