great circle

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great circle(複數 great circles

  1. (幾何學) 大圓
  2. 球體表面兩點間距最短的圓形的一段。
    • 1902, S. L. Penfield, "Use of the Stereographic Projection for Geographical Maps and Sailing Charts", in American Journal of Science
      Wherever a navigator may be, it certainly would be to his advantage to be able to find the great circle, or shortest course, and the distance, to his port of destination, [....]
    • 2003, Jeff Toghill, The Navigator's Handbook: Essential Methods and Equipment--and how to Use Them
      The shortest distance between two points on an ocean Mercator chart is not a straight line - it is a curve known as a 'great circle'.
    • 2005,Phil Medina, Homework Helpers: Earth Science, 頁號52:
      Because the Earth's surface is curved, the shortest distance is actually a curve over the surface called a great circle.
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