fair play

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fair play不可數

  1. 遵守規則,公平辦事
    • 2017年1月18日, Sid Lowe, “Chaos at Mestalla: Valencia's journey from Champions League to utter disarray”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Financial fair play – talked about as if it is somehow nothing to do with the way the club is run, an imposition upon their work rather than a consequence of the way they work – meant that they could not spend what they do not generate.



fair play

  1. (英國, 愛爾蘭) 表示祝賀。
    • 1964, Charles Norman De Courcy-Parry, Here lies my story[2], page 248:
      [S]he consolidated her position by purchasing the kennels, doing them up regardless of expense and buying two new horses, and, fair play to her, fair play, as they say in Wales, ...
    • 1990年7月1日, Joe Saward, quoting Martin Donnelly, “Interview: Martin Donnelly”, in The Business of Motorsport Newsletter[3]:
      "Fair play to Jean, he has made it work for him."
    • 1994年6月21日, Liam Hayes, “GAA's holding it's own now, but could lose in the end”, in Irish Voice[4]:
      The Gaelic Athletic Association, fair play to them, want absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with that thingumajig football tournament in America.
    • 2002年10月30日, Acquiesce, “Re: noel and chris at fair play gig”, in alt.music.oasis, Usenet[5]:
      I wasn't expecting much of Ms Dynamite at the start of the night, but fair play to her, she's got a great voice on her.
    • 2010年5月7日, “Clayton sure buoyant Reds are up to the task of seeing off Fleetwood”, in Derby Evening Telegraph[6]:
      Liam Watson: "Fair play to Southport, they were the best team on paper because they got the most points. We just want to prove we are as good as them".