1. (international standards) ISO 4217 貨幣代碼 for the Aruban florin



AWG (可數 不可數,複數 AWGs)

  1. American wire gauge之首字母縮略詞
    • 2003, Michael E. Brumbach, Jeffrey A. Clade, Chapter 27: Wiring Methods, Industrial Maintenance, page 347,
      This will allow for up to two additional 2/0 AWG Type TW conductors to be installed at a later date.
    • 2005, John Schaeffer, Doug Pratt (editors), Appendix, Gaiam Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook, page 517,
      Cable size 10 AWG has an ampacity of 40 amps (90°C insulation) or 35 amps (evaluated with 75°C insulation).
    • 2005, James Stallcup, Stallcup′s Electrical Design Book, 2005 Edition, page 8-9,
      For example: What is the allowable ampacity of one of three 8 AWG THHN copper conductors in a metal raceway system used at 60°C?
  2. arbitrary waveform generator之首字母縮略詞
  3. arrayed waveguide grating之首字母縮略詞
    • 2011, Elaine Wong, Chapter 3: Optical Technologies in Passive Optical Networks, Cedric F. Lam (editor), Passive Optical Networks: Principles and Practice, page 94,
      An important parameter in the AWG is the free spectral range (FSR) which defines the wavelength periodicity of fixed width [12].



  1. (地質學) Anthropocene Working Group之首字母縮略詞
    • 2022年12月13日,McKenzie Prillaman,“Are we in the Anthropocene? Geologists could define new epoch for Earth”,出自 Nature[1], DOI:10.1038/d41586-022-04428-3:
      The AWG is working backwards, Finney says: normally, geologists identify strata that should enter the geological timescale before considering a golden spike; in this case, they’re seeking out the lower boundary of an undefined set of geological layers.