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  1. Wiktionary的首字母小寫形。
    • 2007,Martin Parker, Valerie Fournier, Patrick Reedy, The Dictionary of Alternatives: Utopianism and Organization[1], 頁號313:
      It has also spawned a wiktionary, wikiquotes, wikinews, wikibooks and the wikimedia information commons


wiktionary (複數 wiktionaries)

  1. 類似維基詞典線上詞典
    • 2011,Zygmunt Vetulani, Human Language Technology. Challenges for Computer Science[2]:
      However, with the increase in free resources like wiktionaries, or the increase in the number of translated materials available on the Internet
    • 2011,Nikolas Coupland, The Handbook of Language and Globalization[3]:
      PanLex draws on various lexical resources, including dictionaries, wiktionaries, glossaries, lexicons, word lists, terminologies, thesauri, wordnets, ontologies, vocabulary databases, namedentity resources, and standards
  2. 維基媒體基金會所營運的自由的線上詞典中的一個;某一特定語言的維基詞典
    • 2013,Anaïd Donabédian, Victoria Khurshudian, Max Silberztein, Formalising Natural Languages with NooJ[4], 頁號18:
      In fact the English Wiktionary edition contains entries for more than 400 languages, so that out of this source, more language specific wiktionaries could be created than there are actually officially listed.