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  1. (非正式)疫苗
    • 2015年1月21日, Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, “How Fashion Helped Defeat 18th-Century Anti-Vaxxers”, in The Atlantic[1]:
      And, indeed, fashion is already doing its part in the form of pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx T-shirts. Many of the anti-vaxx versions come pre-loaded with Libertarian subtext.
    • 2020年6月18日, Kiera Butler, “The Anti-Vax Movement’s Radical Shift From Crunchy Granola Purists to Far-Right Crusaders”, in Mother Jones:
      Online anti-vax communities, most of which are on Facebook, have taken on a very different tone.
    • 2020年9月8日, Michael Hiltzik, “Column: Trump attacks Biden and Harris as anti-vaccine, but he’s the one with the anti-vaxx record”, in Los Angeles Times[2]:
      Donald Trump’s habit of projecting his own failings onto his adversaries reached a new level of absurdity on Labor Day, when he attacked the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for “reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric” and accused them of a position that “undermines science.”
    • 2021年1月30日, Nick Cohen, “Anti-vaxxers posing as victims has a history. Look at Andrew Wakefield”, in The Guardian[3]:
      The anti-vaxx movement punches down and punches hard. Its leaders tend to be men and women from wealthy backgrounds.
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