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源自拉丁語 purgātōrium (清洗的)。与英語 purge同源。



purgatory可數 & 不可數,複數 purgatories

  1. (基督教) Purgatory (炼狱) 的大小寫替代形式
  2. (尤指作为救赎的一部分所经历的)磨难苦痛
    • 1605, Nicholas Breton, An Olde Mans Lesson, and a Young Mans Loue, London: Edward White,[1]
      [] many Gods breedeth heathens miseries, many countries trauailers humors, many wiues mens purgatories, and many friends trustes ruine:
    • 1774, 约翰·伯戈因, The Maid of the Oaks, London: T. Becket, Act I, Scene 1, p. 6,[2]
      I laid my rank and fortune at the fair one’s feet, and would have married instantly; but that Oldworth opposed my precipitancy, and insisted upon a probation of six months absence—It has been a purgatory!
    • 1853, 伊丽莎白·盖斯凯尔, 《露丝》,章节25,[3]
      It might be [] that Ruth had worked her way through the deep purgatory of repentance up to something like purity again; God only knew!
    • 1904, 厄普顿·辛克莱,《屠场》,章节10,[4]
      Later came midsummer, with the stifling heat, when the dingy killing beds of Durham’s became a very purgatory; one time, in a single day, three men fell dead from sunstroke.
    • 1997, 约翰·马克斯维尔·库切,《男孩》,Penguin, Chapter 11, p. 100,[5]
      [] that would mean he would be irrecoverably Afrikaans and would have to spend years in the purgatory of an Afrikaans boarding-school, as all farm-children do, before he would be allowed to come back to the farm.




purgatory比較級 more purgatory最高級 most purgatory

  1. 赎罪
    • 1600Philemon Holland(译者),李维所著《罗马史》,London, Book 41, p. 1103,[6]
      Last of all, the prodigie of Siracusa was expiat by a purgatory sacrifice, by direction from the soothsaiers to what gods, supplications and sacrifice should be made.
    • 1790埃德蒙·伯克,《对法国大革命的反思》,London: J. Dodsley, p. 272,[7]
      This purgatory interval is not unfavourable to a faithless representative, who may be as good a canvasser as he was a bad governor.