源自拉丁語 praeposterus (前后倒置的,颠倒的,扭曲的),源自prae () + posterus (跟着的)


  • (標準英音) IPA(幫助)/pɹɪˈpɒstəɹəs/, /pɹɪˈpɒstɹəs/, /pɹə-/
  • (通用美式) IPA(幫助)/pɹəˈpɑstəɹəs/, /pɹəˈpɑstɹəs/
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preposterous (比較級 more preposterous最高級 most preposterous)

  1. 荒谬的,违反常理的;离奇的,古怪
    • c. 1595–1596,W. Shakespere [i.e., 威廉·莎士比亞], A Pleasant Conceited Comedie Called, Loues Labors Lost. [] (First Quarto),London: [] W[illiam] W[hite] for Cut[h]bert Burby,出版年份1598, OCLC 61366361; republished as Shakspere’s Loves Labours Lost (Shakspere-Quarto Facsimiles; no. 5),London:W[illiam] Griggs, [],[1880], OCLC 1154977408, [Act I, scene i]:
      [...] I did incounter that obſeene and moſt prepoſterous euent that draweth frõ my ſnowhite pen the ebon coloured Incke, which here thou vieweſt, beholdeſt, ſuruayeſt, or ſeeſt. [...] There did I ſee that low ſpirited Swaine, [...] hight Coſtard, (Clow[ne]. O mee) ſorted and conſorted contrary to thy eſtabliſhed proclaymed Edict and continent Cannon; Which with, o with, but with this I paſſion to ſay wherewith: / Clo[wne]. With a Wench.
    • 1837L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon],“An Audience”,出自 Ethel Churchill: Or, The Two Brides. [],卷號II,London:Henry Colburn, [], OCLC 21345056, 頁號257:
      So I am to send Mrs. Churchill down to the very spot where a treasonable correspondence is most easily managed; and by the ease with which she gets out of a first scrape, give her all possible encouragement to get into another. Well, I was quite right in asking what preposterous request had you come here about!
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    • 2014年12月4日,w:Timothy Egan,“A deficit of dignity”,出自 w:The New York Times[1]:
      Leading the attack on the president's very citizenship is the professional vulgarian Donald Trump, who gets away with the kind of preposterous, race-based comments granted few black public figures.
    • 2016年1月30日,“America deserves more from presidential hopefuls”,出自 The National, retrieved 31 January 2016:
      Democrats, too, must be criticised. While they have not made preposterous statements or been threatening or demagogic, they, all too often, have come up short, failing to propose new ideas that can help unwind conflicts raging across the Middle East.