源自中世紀拉丁語 incarcerātusincarcerō (囚禁)的过去分词,源自拉丁語 in- (里,内) + carcer (牢房),即“放入牢房”。与cancel (用线划掉)chancel (格栅,栅栏后的地方)有关。




incarcerate (第三人稱單數簡單現在時 incarcerates,現在分詞 incarcerating,一般過去時及過去分詞 incarcerated)

  1. (主要用於美國) (尤指因犯罪而)关押监禁
    • 2013 9月 23, Masha Gessen, “Life in a Russian Prison”, 出自 New York Times, retrieved 24 September 2013:
      Tolokonnikova has also been an effective public speaker even while incarcerated, but she has spoken out on politics and freedom in general rather than prisoners’ rights.
  2. 监禁囚禁







incarcerate (無比較級)

  1. (古舊)监禁
    近義詞: incarcerated
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    • 1698, John Nisbet of Dirleton, Some Doubts & Questions, in the Law; Especially of Scotland. As Also, Some Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session: [], Edinburgh: [] George Mosman, [],頁號 146:
      [] Mr. Vanſe, Keeper of the Tolbooth, did give in a Bill, repreſenting, That there being ſo great a number of Priſoners, upon account of Conventicles, and for Criminal Cauſes, and the ſaid Captain being incarcerate, not for a Crime, but for not finding Caution, he was in bona fide not to look upon him as a Perſon that would eſcape: []
    • 1707, [James Renwick], An Informatory Vindication of a Poor, Wasted, Misrepresented, Remnant of the Suffering, Anti-Popish, Anti-Prelatick, Anti-Erastian, Anti-Sectarian, True Presbyterian Church of Christ in Scotland: [],頁號 14:
      Being Incarcerat he put forth a Blaſphemous Paper, not only condemning all the work of Reformation, but alſo the Engliſh Bible in the form as it is now extant; []
    • 1732, John Louthian, The Form of Process before the Court of Justiciary in Scotland; Containing the Constitution of the Sovereign Criminal Court, and the Way and Manner of Their Procedure: [], Edinburgh: [] Robert Fleming and Company, for William Hamilton, [],頁號s 71 and 73:
      THat where I being incarcerate within the ſaid Tolbooth, by Warrand of the Lord Juſtice Clerk, for the Crime of Murder alledged committed by me, [] humbly ſhewing, That where, he being incarcerate within the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, by Warrant of the Lord Juſtice Clerk, for the Crime of Muther committed by him, []
    • 1833, Joseph P. Bartrum, The Psalms, Newly Paraphrased for the Service of the Sanctuary. [], Boston, Mass.: Russell, Odiorne, and Company,頁號 76:
      While incarcerate below, / Prayer with every breath shall flow; / Praise, expiring on my tongue, / Live anew in holier song, / Where my soul, its trial past, / Perfect joy shall reap at last!





  1. incarcerare 的屈折变化形式:
    1. 第二人稱複數現在時直陳式
    2. 第二人稱複數命令式
    3. 陰性複數過去時分詞