go out

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v.  to go out (第三人称单数简单现在时 goes out,现在分词 going out,简单过去时 went out,过去分词 gone out)

  1. 〈不及物〉 离开,出去。(尤指离开建筑)
  2. 〈不及物/惯〉 出去,外出,离开住所。
    They were going to stay in and read, but instead went out shopping. 他们本打算在家看书的,结果出去购物了。
    After going to Joan's for dinner, they went out. 在琼家吃过晚饭后,他们离开了。
  3. 〈不及物〉 关上(灯),灭(火、灯)。
    The lights went out. 灯灭了。
  4. 〈不及物〉 灭亡,绝迹;过期。
  5. 〈不及物〉 过时。
    He thought Nehru jackets went out only in the late seventies. 他以为尼赫鲁式夹克在70年代后期才过时。
  6. 〈不及物〉 恋爱,约会。
    近义词:to date, to romance, to see someone