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源自中古英語 ferthing ← 古英語 fēorþing, fēorþung (四分之一;法尋) ← fēorþa (第四) ← 原始日耳曼語 *fedurþungaz (四分之一),可能受古諾爾斯語 fjórðungr (第四部分,四分之一)影響。等同於fourth +‎ -ing




farthing(复数 farthings

  1. 法尋,英國舊時硬幣,相當於四分之一便士
    • 1883, 霍华德·派尔罗宾汉奇遇记》,章 5:
      "Nay, Heaven forbid, indeed," quoth Robin, "that I should take from such as thee, jolly fellow! Not so much as one farthing would I take from thee, for I love a fair Saxon face like thine right well—more especially when it cometh from Locksley Town, and most especially when the man that owneth it is to marry a bonny lass on Thursday next. But come, tell me for what price thou wilt sell me all of thy meat and thy horse and cart."
    • 1895, Parliament of Western Australia, Parliamentary Debates, Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly VIII, page 163:
      We must keep them to the fact that the duty is one and three quarter farthings, or nearly a half-penny in the pound and no more, and any one who tries to work it out any other way is not acting fairly in the matter.
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      I had never defrauded a man of a farthing, nor called him knave behind his back. But now the last rag that covered my nakedness had been torn from me. I was branded a blackleg, card-sharper, and murderer.
  2. 〉 很小的數量
    近義詞:jot, shred, whit
    • 1927-29, 甘地我体验真理的故事》, 1940年由摩诃德夫·德赛翻譯, Part I, Chapter xvi:
      That period of infatuation was not unrelieved by a certain amount of self-introspection on my part. I kept account of every farthing I spent, and my expenses were carefully calculated. Every little item such as omnibus fares or postage or a couple of coppers spent on newspapers, would be entered, and the balance struck every evening before going to bed. That habit has stayed with me ever since, and I know that as a result, though I have had to handle public funds amounting to lakhs, I have succeeded in exercising strict economy in their disbursement, and instead of outstanding debts have had invariably a surplus balance in respect of all the movements I have led.
  3. 〉 土地的分割





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