借自法語 dernier,源自derrenier,派生自古法語 derrain (最終的,最後的)(可能類比premier),派生自通俗拉丁語 *dēretrānus,源自拉丁語 (遠離) + retrō (向後,在後面) + -ānus (屬於……的)



dernier (無比較級)

  1. 最終的,最後
    • 1617[John Fletcher]; George, Duke of Buckingham [i.e., George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham],“The Chances: A Comedy; as It is Acted at the Theatre-Royal. By His Grace the Duke of Buckingham, Author of The Rehearsal”,出自 Two Plays Written by His Grace George Late Duke of Buckingham: viz. I. The Rehearsal; to which is Added the Key to It. And, II. The Chances. Being All that His Grace Ever Publish’d. Corrected from the Errors of Former Editions,London:Printed by J. Darby for M. P. and sold by A. Bettesworth [], and F. Clay [],出版年份1723, OCLC 11689082, Act V, scene iii, 頁號157:
      Then as I'm a Chriſtian, I ſuſpect we have both been equally involv'd in the misfortune of a Miſtake. Sir, I am in the dernier Confuſion to avow, that tho my Daughter Conſtantia has been liable to ſeveral Addreſſes; yet ſhe never has had the Honour to be produc'd to his Grace.
    • 1676,author uncertain; attributed to Nicholas Carey or Denzil Holles, 1st Baron HollesSome Considerations upon the Question, whether the Parliament is Dissolved by It’s Prorogation for 15 Months?,[s.l.:s.n.], OCLC 1015456457, section II, 頁號7:
      That thoſe laws of Ed[ward] 3 for Annual Parliaments are pro bono publico [for the public good], and of the greateſt concern to the Nation, beſides they are made concerning the higheſt Court of Judicature, of the Dernier Reſort, and which regulates and keeps all the reſt in order, needs not a proof to any reaſonable man.
    • 1788 June,Richard Brinsley Sheridan,“Mr. Sheridan’s Speech, on Summing Up the Evidence on the Second, or Begum Charge against Warren Hastings, Esq., Delivered before the High Court of Parliament, June 1788”,出自 Select Speeches, Forensick and Parliamentary, with Prefatory Remarks by N[athaniel] Chapman, M.D.,卷號I,[Philadelphia, Pa.]:Published by Hopkins and Earle, [],出版年份1808, OCLC 230944105, 頁號474:
      The Begums' ministers, on the contrary, to extort from them the disclosure of the place which concealed the treasures, were, [] after being fettered and imprisoned, led out on to a scaffold, and this array of terrours proving unavailing, the meek tempered Middleton, as a dernier resort, menaced them with a confinement in the fortress of Chunargar. Thus, my lords, was a British garrison made the climax of cruelties!
    • 1853年10月1日,“Art. I. State of Lunacy in England.”,出自Forbes Winslow編, The Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology,卷號VI,期號XXIV,London:John Churchill, [], OCLC 793593673, 頁號475–476:
      [T]he attention of the Board in New-street, Spring-gardens, was in vain called to the petinacious obstinacy of these justices, until, wearied with official correspondence, and "having no reasonable expectation," they state, "that any steps would be taken by the committee of visiting justices to the remedy of the manifest defects," upon which they had animadverted, they inform us that they had recourse to the dernier ressort—an appeal to the Secretary of State []
    • 1913Edward [Tyas] Cook,“Foreign Travel: Egypt and Greece (1849–1850)”,出自 The Life of Florence Nightingale [] In Two Volumes,卷號I (1820–1861),London:Macmillan and Co., Limited, [], OCLC 956533766, 頁號84:
      In the autumn of 1849 Mr. and Mrs. Bracebridge, who were to spend some months in the East, again proposed that Miss [Florence] Nightingale should travel with them, and again the offer was gladly accepted. Her sister was delighted. [] The sister reported to her friends that "Flo had taken tea with the Bunsens to receive the dernier mot [last word] on Egyptology," and that she was going out "laden with learned books."
    • 2009,Nicholas Royle,“Last”,出自 In Memory of Jacques Derrida,Edinburgh:Edinburgh University Press, →ISBN, 頁號186:
      And of course what was there possibly to be said that hadn't already been said about the dernier mot or the last word or the afterword or postscript or any number of other equivalent terms, in an interminable logic of the supplement, by Jacques Derrida himself?


常以 dernier resortdernier ressort的形式出現。





源自derrenier,派生自古法語 derrain(可能類比premier),派生自通俗拉丁語 *dēretrānus,源自拉丁語 + retrō + -ānus



dernier (陰性 dernière,陽性複數 derniers,陰性複數 dernières)

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