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A gaff cutter (2) with a staysail and genoa jib set


cut +‎ -er



cutter (複數 cutters)

  1. 切割者,裁剪
    a stone cutter; a die cutter石機;模
    In some CNC programs, the diameter of the cutter (such as an end mill) is handled by cutter compensation codes.
    在某些 CNC 程序中,刀具(例如立铣刀)的直径由刀具补偿代码处理。
    • 1982, The Movies (page 288)
      The intervening years, however, were spent as a cutter. He was, indeed, one of the best film editors in the business, winning an Academy Award for Body and Soul (1947).
    • 1988, Jorge Amado, Home is the Sailor (page 55)
      Chico Pacheco kept repeating the phrase between clenched teeth, lamenting the wasted days of his youth; he had been a notorious cutter of classes.
  2. (航海) 快艇帆船獨桅縱帆船
  3. 門牙
    近義詞: foretoothincisor
  4. 用於執行公務的重型摩托艇
    a coastguard cutter巡邏,緝私
  5. (航海) 接應用的小船
  6. (板球) 因被切擊而在空中斜向移動,或離開球場
  7. (棒球) 切球
    近義詞: cut fastball
  8. (俚語)便士硬幣,因監獄囚犯常將其磨尖作武器而得名
  9. (非正式) 通過割傷身體來進行自殘的人
    • 2013,Leona Davis, Past, Future, and End,FriesenPress, 頁號33:
      After I got out of the mental institution I was looking at t.v. show I was looking it a teenage girl who was a cutter her arm look just like my arm.
  10. (醫學, 口語, 俚語, 幽默或貶義) 外科醫生
    近義詞: slasher
  11. 肉質(幾乎沒有外部脂肪,也不是肥瘦相間的肉)
    同類詞: cannerdarkcutter
    • 1905, United States. Bureau of Corporations, Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on the Beef Industry (page 89)
      Bulls and cows used for breeding, when finally sent to market, are inferior for dressed-beef production. Bulls are demanded especially for sausage and similar products. Cows are largely used as cutters and canners []
  12. (棄用)票據去已支付金額財政官員
  13. (棄用) 痞子無賴歹徒
    • Martin Parker, A True Tale of Robin Hood
      So being outlaw'd (as 'tis told), / He with a crew went forth / Of lusty cutters, bold and strong, / And robbed in the north.
    • 1633, A Match at Midnight (disputed authorship)
      He's out of cash, and thou know'st by cutter's law, / We are bound to relieve one another.
  14. (棄用) 一種質軟的黃,容易切割,常用於外牆
  15. 由一匹駕駛的輕型雪橇
    • 2007, Carrie A. Meyer, Days on the Family Farm, U of Minnesota Press, page 55 [1]:
      Throughout much of the winter, the sled or the cutter was the vehicle of choice. Emily and Joseph had a cutter, for traveling in style in snow.
  16. (電視) 遮光用的旗幟或類似的工具
    • 2012, John Jackman, Lighting for Digital Video and Television (page 86)
      Flags and other cutters allow the DP or gaffer to throw large controlled shadows on parts of the scene.
  17. (Multicultural London English) 小刀
    近義詞: splashsplasherjookernankshankbassyrambopokeycheteying
    • 2017年7月25日,Farley (作詞作曲),“Out Here”‎[2], 0:42–0:47:
      Late night, take a flow, tryna find the rats
      Twelve inch cutter in and out, then Imma ride them back
    • 2021年8月16日,(Mali Strip) Killa Kurse x AR x Rondo (作詞作曲),“Buck aii LGR diss”‎[3], 1:23–1:28:
      Hop out the ride with things and stuff
      Back the longest cutter, watch him cut him, [grate their neek trips?] up
    • 2021年11月29日,KMulla (作詞作曲),“Mutual Feeling”‎[4], 1:24–1:27:
      […] swing my cutter
      Get man down if he is on my brother
cutter (15)



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cutter m (複數 cutters)

  1. 美工刀
    近義詞: couteau à lame rétractable(加拿大) exacto
  2. (航海) 接應用的小船



維基百科 it


cutter m

  1. 美工刀
    近義詞: taglierinotrincetto
  2. (航海) 接應用的小船



cutter n (複數 cuttere)

  1. cuter的另一種寫法