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Editing German Language Entries[编辑]

Is it me, or should German language entries (and just about any other kind of entry involving languages that use the Latin alphabet, such as Luxemburgish and Lettish/Latvian) be standardized? --Lo Ximiendo讨论) 2017年9月5日 (二) 09:43 (UTC)

I am standardizing German language entries because they were a bit messy, but this is not an official policy. I am not an administrator, either. You can specify the format of entries about other languages if you want. If you have any opinion about my standardization of German entries, feel free to tell me. My native language is Mandarin Chinese so please forgive my poor English. Thanks a lot for contributing to the Wiktionary. Andrewlin1997讨论) 2017年9月5日 (二) 10:39 (UTC)