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Replacement character.svg

特殊 𐀀

This template shows an infobox with Unicode character information, using the show function in Module:character info.


Specifies the script code. The code is used to get the script category and apply the CSS class.
Suppresses putting the page in the script category. Categorisation is applied only to entry pages (main and Appendix namespaces).
Chooses the Unicode code point to display. Normally you can leave this empty, and it generates the infobox from the page title. A few separate examples to generate an infobox for Ç:
Sets the caption below the image.

Template placement

Place this template right at the top of the entry, including above {{also}} whenever applicable. (if the order were inverted, this would cause a blank space to appear above {{character info/new}})

This is correct:

{{character info/new}}


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