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  1. 国际商用机器公司International Business Machines的縮略)。
  2. International Brotherhood of Magicians的縮略。


IBM (複數 IBMs)

  1. 洲际弹道导弹Intercontinental ballistic missile的縮略)。
    • 1956, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (volume 12, number 6, June 1956, page 186):“They see this last possibility in an international agreement to stop further atomic and thermonuclear bomb tests and halt the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (IBMs).
    • 1987, Kenneth David Nichols, The Road to Trinity, page 294:“Today we need a defense against IBM attack. When as chief of R&D I urged Army Ordnance to develop an antimissile missile, I heard repeatedly that you can't hit a bullet with a bullet, so it is impossible to develop such a missile.
    • 1990, William Elliott Butler, Perestroika and International Law, page 155:“Thus, they limit to a strictly defined number the quantity of armed IBMs in the USSR and the United States, as well as ballistic missiles of submarines.
  2. 〉占主导地位的公司。
    • 1968, George Washington University, Computers-in-Law Institute, National Law Center, The Law of Software: 1968 Proceedings:“Univac was the IBM of the computer industry's incipiency; in 1952 Univac had virtually 100% of the market.
    • 1982, Tracy Kidder, The Soul Of A New Machine, ISBN 0380599317, page 238:“First, to Sperry Univac, the descendent of the first real computer company, which might have become the IBM of the industry had it not blown its early lead;
    • 1990, Alfred Balk, The Myth of American Eclipse: The New Global Age, ISBN 0887383696, page 81:“The US lead was mainly due to one firm, the IBM of its small, specialized field: Cray Research Inc.